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Facts About Lice

Head lice are of particular concern to parents of young children.

Please be aware that here at school periodic checks of your child's hair are being done. But we do need your help in controlling any outbreaks. 


As a parent, you can help eliminate the spread of lice by:

1. Checking your child's hair every week and after long vacations when your child may have had sleepovers and/or have been exposed to children from other schools. Make a game out of it! It can happen to anybody!

2. Nit removal is the key to controlling the spread of lice. They are the eggs that are firmly attached to the hair shaft. They must be picked or combed out. If they are left there, they will hatch!!!

3. Lice shampoo will kill the live lice, not the eggs!! They must be removed.

4. Clean the environment. Wash clothes and bedding. Put pillows in a hot dryer for 20 minutes. Vacuum and throw away the bag.

5.Please inform your school nurse if your child contracts head lice. We are here to help you get rid of the lice and to prevent the spread to other children

6. Please do not panic. We can get rid of these pesky creatures!!


Fun Facts About Head Lice

- Head lice are tiny bloodsucking insects that feed on the human scalp.

-They do not live on animals.

-They do not jump or fly but crawl very fast.

-Transfer from one person to the next usually happens by direct head to head contact but can also be transferred during sleepovers and by sharing combs, brushes and hats.

-They are not an indication of poor hygeine!! Anyone can get them!!