Health Office » When to Keep Your Child Home from School

When to Keep Your Child Home from School

 Please remember the following for keeping your child home from school:

* fever of 100 degrees or greater, in the past 24 hours without medications

* frequent, hard cough or chest congestion (controlled with medications)

* sleepy from an illness

* ear pain and/or drainage from the ear

* large amount of discolored nasal drainage, especially with facial pain, headache, or fever

* vomiting/diarrhea, in the past 24 hours

* active scabies

* fungal infection

* strep infection/impetigo (honey crusted sores around nose/mouth, rash) not treated with antibiotics less than 24 hrs

* pink eye

NOTE: Your child will be sent home from school if any of these symptoms occur during the school day. This increases your child's optimum health and comfort and also protects other children from becoming infected.